Friday, October 16, 2009

Tacky Paranormal Animals

If you happened to compile, for one reason or another, pictures of "paranormal creatures" from this internet and you took everything at face value, would you have chosen this god-damned song?

Below is an example of a noble, yet ultimately futile attempt by an intelligent individual to inform the person who posted this as to what the pictures are.

BooItsErin:"a lot of those things are explained:the first two pictures are of pygmy seahorses, 0.34 is a fox, 0.43, 0.48, 0.52 & 1.40 are clearly fake ¬¬, 1.16 is just an animals foot, 1.28 is a tarsier, 1.41 is an andrewsachus model in a museum or something, 1.49 is probably a hairless fox or coyote or something due to mange, 2.07 is an aye-aye (and its a type of lemur, like the tarsier), 2.21 is a blobfish"