Monday, July 27, 2009

Wally Wallington Is Building Stonehenge, by Hand, in Flint, Michigan

The out-of-this-world conclusions conspiracy theorists and paranormalists jump to for unexplained (and explained) events are ignorant and uncreative:

"Humans couldn't have made the crop circles (even though their inventors came forward). At least SOME of them MUST have been made by aliens!"

"Ancient Eygyptians couldn't have constructed the pyramids because they are, like, totally ginourmous and point to stars and stuff that they couldn't have possibly understood. Another species or culture or maybe aliens must have done it...or at least helped"

"Stone Henge is totally unexplainable because they would have had to move and lift those big rocks. They didn't have the technology so it must have been something supernatural or from another world. Keep an open mind!"

That type of thinking is done by people who could never possibly come up with an interesting theory of their own, let alone rediscover ancient building techniques, like Wally has. Screw them. Check this out:

[link to video]