Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time Cube Follow-up ~ OK, Gene Ray (possibly) has one follower.

"Alright, uploaded my best angle to my universe...my internet."

So this guy (that's him) has 5,540 posts on Graveyard of the Gods (? wow~the internet is vast). Read his posts at the link above.

He enters this 26 page long(!) chat with with a classic paranoiac internet nutball post:

"What's wrong with us is that we don't worship Big Brother, nor engage in dogmatic doublethink. Your standard of "right" is imposed by the Ministry of Obscurantism, and, as Nietzsche suggested, should be overcome. We must transcend the stupid herd mentality."

I often find internet conspiracy theorists retort with/resort to this type of esoteric hogwash, then retreat with a curious sense of superiority for avoiding conflict. Apparently, they are basically playing wacky, unfiltered mad-libs with their own internal dialogues.